Pinata Hunter Games

If you like pinatas, whether it is for the candy inside or just for its appearance, you do not have to get pinatas anymore or replace them every time you break one. Pinata Hunter games provides you with all the fun of pinatas with possibly more amusement of hitting it and getting candies as it offers various weapons and upgrades to make the pinata shower you with candy. There are a series of Pinata Hunter games, each with various unique upgrades and functionality with various items and other things that makes the game really exciting. The pinata hunter games include the following –

Pinata Hunter 1


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This is the first part of the series of pinata hunter games available, this is the foundation of all the sequels. In PinataHunter, at first you would be given a stick to hit a pinata on the game and a paper bag to carry the candy you received from the pinata. As you progress and collect more candy you will be able to change your weapons which offers more power and drops more candy, you also be able to use different bags which can be used to carry more candy and get more weapons and bags. The objective is very simple, which is what makes the game more amusing, you have to collect as many as possible, and there is also a timer with which you can compete with your friends for receiving the most candy in a given time.

Pinata Hunter 2

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Pinata Hunter 2 is the second part of Pinata Hunter, which is more entertaining and exciting, the game is similar to the previous one but with various new upgrades and features which includes the main menu being more attractive and unique, as it offers an interactive feature. Pinata Hunter 2 has more weapons and bags to choose from and get more candies through it. With various trophy awards available in the game, which, depending on the completion of the various challenge available in the trophy room, a trophy will be offered, which you can show it off to other people if you have unlocked it. The functionality remains intact in the series, but with more weapons and bags which includes Axes, swords, chainsaws and even light sabers.

Pinata Hunter 3

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Pinata Hunter 3 has more functionalities than any other pinata hunter game, more functions have been added and introduced to the game for the first time which were not available in the previous series. Pinata Hunter 3 offers various different game modes which includes normal mode, challenge mode, time mode which have different objectives depending on the different modes. There is a huge variety of weapon offered which includes various types of swords, hammers and there is also an introduction of ranged weapons in the game which provides an even more exciting and unique fun that can only be enjoyed in this part.

Pinata Hunter 4

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There is now a story and origin which has been introduced to the game for people seeking a special taste and purpose in the game. With the introduction of the story in Pinata Hunter 4, the game gives the players to play the game. That is not all it offers, there are more addition to the functionality of the game and the pinata is not inanimate anymore. Apart from the new additions, the previous functionalities are kept similar, the game includes more set of upgradable weapons and bags. The game has had a complete do over which has eliminated some of the previous functions while making it more interesting.  For those who are not seeking such differences, the game also provides a feature to switch to a version similar to the previous part.