Pinata Hunter For iPhone

Playing Pinata Hunter on your PC is very fun. But sometimes – we just don’t have much time, and turning on the computer and finding the game – is just too much of a hassle. That’s why I was so happy to discover that you can download the game to your smartphone. The game can be installed on iPhones as well as Android smartphones.

pinata 1

Currently, MyPlayYard (the company that created the game) offer 3 versions of the mobile game. Believe it or not, all of them are free ! Of course they contain ads and offer in-app purchases, but it is not a problem at all 馃檪

The mobile game was already downloaded by millions of people. It is very popular for a good reason : these games are super fun and cool 馃檪 On this page you can find screenshots from the third game. I highly recommend downloading it. You will find it very interesting for sure. You can play this game for hours, and you won’t even notice – it is so addicting ! The mobile game is well made, no lags or any problems. In my opinion it is better to play the game on a smartphone because of the touch screen. It is more cool and actually easier !

pinata 2

If you installed the game and liked it – comment and let us know. I would also recommend checking out the mobile versions of Pinata Hunter 1 and 2. They are excellent as well. I really hope that in the future, new games will be released. As you know, these games are well known around the world ,and I am sure I am not the only one that would like to see new games come out 馃檪

On this website for example – you can already play the fourth version of the game ! We will keep you updated of course – if a new game will come out, it will be posted here as well. So save our URL, and come back. Until then, check out Pinata videos on YouTube. Many of them are really funny and made by well known YouTubers.