Pinata Hunter Cheats

Pinata hunter is a very entertaining game which includes hitting a pinata constantly as it showers you with candy. The candies are what needs to be collected, with which you will be able to purchase different weapons to hit the pinata with and bags to collect more candies. There different cheats and tricks to receive more money and complete achievements. Here are some cheats to help you progress in your game.

Pinata Hunter

Money Cheat – The candy dropping from the pinata when caught in the bag increases the amount of money in the game with which you can get upgrades and get achievements as well. To receive more money you will have to execute a series of events at the right time in the game which will result in overflowing the money in your scoreboard.

The timing needs to be accurate in order for this cheat to work, at first you have to play the game for two minutes, during this period of time make sure you have collected exactly fifty seven candies, and then if the time elapsed is seven seconds past two minutes then you will have to hit the pinata and collect one candy only. If these events are maintained and accurately executed, you will instantly receive infinite money in the game and you will be able to purchase every items in the game.

Earning achievements

There are several achievements in the game which are quite difficult to get. Here is how you will achieve them –

  • Elephant Pinata – This is awarded to the players when the elephant pinata is destroyed. And destroying a pinata takes a lot of efforts. This achievement cannot be earned with any weapons other than using the chainsaw, that is the elephant pinata is invulnerable to other weapons but not to the chainsaw.
  • Llama Pinata Head – This is a secret achievement award that will be awarded when you can find the hidden llama pinata head hovering in some part of the game. This award can also be cheated, by performing a series of mouse maneuvers when a certain amount of candy is collected. When you have collected exactly ninety nine candies, by moving the mouse three times up and down while alternating between left and right, followed by the movement of the position of your bag to the end of the screen you will receive a llama pinata head hovering in the screen, click it and you will earn the award.

Llama Head

Hand Spasm cheat – The pain level meter prevents you from hitting the pinata too much as it gets filled up. You can prevent a hand spasm in the game by executing a certain mouse movement in a certain time. The hand spasm can be quite annoying during the game as it prevents you from taking action. But first to prevent hand spasm, you will have to achieve a hand spasm during a certain amount of time and when a certain amount of candy is collected.

Make sure the time elapsed is more than five minutes and immediately start trying to achieve a hand spasm, as soon as you get a hand spasm move your back to the right side of the screen and hit the pinata when the pain level fades away, make only one candy drop and make it fall in to the bag. As soon as you receive the candy in the bag, you have to attain another hand spasm, and as soon as you get the hand spasm, the pain level bar will disappear and you will be able to hit the pinata constantly without any interruption in the game.