Pinata Hunter 4

New game for 2017! Something sinister is going at every party in town the harmless pinatas are becoming alive ruining the party and terrorizing innocent children. Once again as a pinata hunter you have been summoned to stop these evil pinata and put an end to their vile plan.

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Pinata Hunter 4 or Pinata Muncher is latest sequel of the pinata hunter series, this chapter of the game has taken its gameplay to a whole new different zone. The inanimate Pinatas are alive and ready to fight back this time. The game requires great deal of strategy and good timing to overcome each of the new stages in the game.

Controls of the game

Like the previous games are almost equal with a slight tuning but they are easy to learn.

  • Hover the mouse to aim your crosshair
  • Right click will shoot power from hands
  • Left click makes you eat candies

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Overview of the game

Unlike the previous parts of pinata hunter this game takes a massive overhaul. A lot of new things has been added to the game with a good origin story too. The use of candies has new purpose as well. The game puts the recipe of action and tactics to produce a brand new flavor. The game is really interesting and fun to play. The games starts with a party going wrong by an evil pinata that has been brought to life by evil magic. As a pinata hunter you are summoned by the mayor to stop these deadly pinata from creating havoc.

Gameplay overview

The stage starts with a colorful rabbit figurine hopping around and biting everybody along its path and you have to hit the rabbit with your unique magic power to make him drop candy. As a beginner you are provided with simple lightning jolt spell and a small wizard hat to collect the fallen candies. Beware you cannot spam your spell continuously, you have to take care of the magic energy. If the magic energy is depleted you have to wait for a certain amount of time to regenerate your power. When your magic power is gone the enemy can inflict grievous wound which might lead to the end of your hunting. Your spells become deadly and strong as progress through each stage.


Pinata Hunter 4 upgrades

The shop took a major reboot, lots of old feature has been removed and some exciting new feature has been added. You can no longer use candies as means of money to purchase items. Now the currency is determined by the status of your play through on each stage. So getting a perfect on each stage gives you a good amount of cash. The new items the shop offered are really worth the time which includes –

  • Fire Blast – It’s a decent spell for early stages as a beginner this spell is worth purchasing. Fire blast has the ability to incinerate the pinata and has a slight chance to destroy them completely to ashes.
  • Ice Blast – Another user friendly spell to begin with,it has lots of potential to overcome difficult situation. With ice blast you can slow your opponent for few seconds and also it can sometimes completely freeze the enemy.



Scores and power of the candies

In previous sequel harvesting candies worked as means of currency and score. This new feature uses the collection of candy as a means of using super spell which can be applied by gathering the desired amount of candy. The score is ratedon how quickly you have managed to finish the stage and how much damages you take on every stages. So finishing each stage as quickly as possible and dodging every hit will help you earn a rather decent score.